Hello I'm Shawn Cutburth and I develop web applications.

Not too long ago I would have said I was a programmer and I develop desktop applications. However, times are changing and I find that I develop fewer desktop applications and more web based applications. I see in the near future that desktop applications will be a way of the past. Even things like word, pdf's and so on could all be in formats that allow users to interact with them, update, edit and so forth. Versus hard copies of data.

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I am currently working for Sprint as a Web Applications Specialist II at Sprint's World Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. My speciality is CSS, HTML, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT and devloping web pages for mobile devices. Sprint is the 3rd largest Telecommunication In the United States with over 55 million customers.

I have been doing consultant work for several private companies over the last few years. This has provided challenges and opportunities to develope stronger programing skills. I have worked for companies such as Comsys, Hydra Enterprises LLC, Goliath Productions, JeDunn and Grand Crowne Resorts.

A little about me:

I graduated from Drury University in Sprinfield Mo in 2005 with magna cum laude honors(3.8 GPA). I graduated from Keller School of Managment with a 3.8 GPA in Masters of Information System Management with an emphasis in E-Commerce.

For the last couple of years I have gained many additional talents and mastered several new web technologies such as Tealeaf, ATG, Omniture, Google's Mapping API, PHP, MySQL, Javascripting, JQuery, CSS and XHTML. Recently I have also gotten up to speed on HTML 5 and developing custome interfaces for Mobile Devices. I am always improving my artistic abilities with Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphic programs. Sad to say I have let my Flash Skills deteriorate over the past few years, however, I have seen an increase in the use and need of flash based sites and aps.

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